| July 19, 2019

Budget excites sheep farmers in Myadgi

   A flock of sheep grazes in the highland mountains of Shikh VDC, Myagdi in this recent picture. A flock of sheep grazes in the highland mountains of Shikh VDC, Myagdi in this recent picture.
MYAGDI, May 30: Sukbahadur Tilija, a shepherd by profession, lives in Paudwar village for Shikh VDC, a village in the Himalayan region of Myadi, is very excited. Though tough, he feels life of a shepherd is beautiful. Since his childhood he has been into sheep farming.

Though he missed the live broadcast of the budget speech, knowing about the special arrangements provisioned in this year's budget has excited him. "Our village is very remote, sort of isolated. We are mostly unaware of about the government's works and plan," he said adding that he has been excited since he learned about government's announcement to facilitate sheep farming and wool production.
Shikha VDC is famous for sheep farming and the budget announcement has encouraged all the farmers there, Bhimprasad Tilija, a local social worker said. "In lack of proper market, farmers were being forced to bury their sheep. Now, the government's announcement has rekindled their hope," he said.

Bhimprasad said that farmers have been compelled to destroy wool worth millions of rupees in lack of buyers. Even though the demand of wool is high in the district headquarters, the two day walk from the village to the district headquarters and lack of marketing channel has been depriving farmers of market for their wool production.

While welcoming the announcement they now look forward to expedite its implementation. "We now feel that the government understands our concerns. Before this we are very hopeless. Now we look forward for the government to fulfill its commitment," said another local Min Bahadur Gurung.

He said that there are number of problems in sheep farming and asserted that the government should develop mechanism and plans to address them. "We hope that the government will bring programs and packages that will help the farmers to reap maximum benefits from sheep farming," he said.

Lack of medical care of the sheep is one of the biggest problems of the locals. Due to known, unknown diseases, many sheep die. "Due to lack of medical treatment for sheep in the area, we loose many sheep a year, "said Gurung adding that they are hopeful that the government will bring programs will address this concern as well.

There are around 77 sheep farmers in the district who produce around 9,000 kg of wool annually, according to Dilliram Regmi, technician at District Animal Husbandry Office. "Now, we hope the farmers won't have to worry much. As soon as the center informs us about programs related to it, we are going to implement them," he said.