| June 24, 2019

SC issues order for effective management of helpless citizens

KATHMANDU, June 8: The Supreme Court on Wednesday issued an order in the name of the government for effective management of physically challenged, helpless and homeless citizens.

A joint bench of justice duo Dipak Raj Joshi and Devendra Gopal Shrestha had issued the mandamus order while responding to a writ petition filed by an organization identified as Jury Nepal.
Writ petitioner advocate Raju Chapagain on October 10, 2014 had moved the apex court claiming that the government was responsible for the pathetic situation of the helpless citizens.

The court order has stated that physically disabled, helpless and homeless people in every district shall be rehabilitated in proper shelters and supplied with logistics as per the Civil Court Act 2020 (Muluki Ain).

The Supreme Court has also asked the local government agencies to effectively monitor the situation of such vulnerable groups and maintain records of their jurisdictions.

Similarly, the order has also asked the government to formulate a mechanism to distribute services and facilities to such helpless citizens on the basis of related laws.

The order has also stressed to give priority to the physically challenged, children, pregnant and elderly citizens while enhancing related programs. The court has also asked to formulate plans to protect helpless people who have been suffering from financial crunch, HIV/AIDS, mental health problems, disaster-hit and war-affected people and people subjected to caste-sex-based discriminations in the society.

The court has also drawn the attention of the government on the rapid increment of such vulnerable groups.

The writ had mentioned that the lack of effective plans and policies from the government had been contributing in the growth of such helpless people in the society, compelling them to shelter in the streets. The writ had also claimed that low performance of the related authorities was also a reason behind the increment of such vulnerable groups in the society.