| October 24, 2018

Municipality in Ilam with data on fingertips

Municipality in Ilam with data on fingertips
ILAM, June 10: Suryodaya Municipality situated in the eastern part of Ilam has gone digital for collecting all sorts of data including data on households in the municipal area. With the use of digital technology, all the information and data will be available on one's fingertips.

The municipality recently gathered data on 6,500 households in the municipality. To generate this data, the municipality first provided training in the use of digital technology to the graduates of 12fth grade. Integrated survey forms were then installed in their android based mobile phones. Next, the enumerators were sent out from house to house for the data collection.
Use of digital technology has made ollecting data very efficient and more reliable, according to Lokpriya Khanal, program director of Abhiyan Nepal, an organization supporting the municipality in its efforts to digitalize. Several kinds of data can be integrated under this approach, he said.

Digital technology-based data collection has helped the local bodies prepare village profiles, integrated property tax details and periodic plans and do so at greater speed, he added.

All this information and data gathered through digital technology can easily be accessible on mobile phones and computers through the internet.

Data collection through digital technology is economical and efficient, according to Rajendra Bhattarai, executive officer of the municipality.

"With android-based data collection, one person has been able to do the work of three persons. There used to be a form with 48 pages for each household and filling it was a real hassle," he said.

As the data gathered recently includes the contact numbers for the households, it would be easier to make any corrections to the information, he also informed.