| March 20, 2019

Project launched aiming to minimize domestic violence

KATHMANDU, June 17: Aiming to reduce domestic sexual violence between intimate partners and women, Equal Access International has launched a project- ‘Change Starts at Home’.

The project comprises research on violence against women, public awareness initiatives, radio program among other programs. The Change Starts at Home project targets married couples, their close family members, community and religious leaders and the community as a whole in Chitwan, Nawalparasi and Kapilbastu districts, said Equal Access Asian program coordinator Nirmal Rijal.

Baseline survey conducted in the targeted districts among 1440 female respondents in March projected that violence against women and Girls as well as intimate partners remain high in those districts.
Equal Access has been running various radio programs focused on public awareness and social harmony with partnership from various other organizations.
Sanajdhari Radio Program has been launched amid a function in Kathmandu on Wednesday.
According to the organization, the radio program will be focused on minimizing violence between intimate friends, especially spouse.
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Women, Children and Social Welfare CP Mainali said that though the government has allocated budget for reducing violence within family, government’s efforts are not enough so far.
He said that such initiatives would be effective helping to minimize the domestic sexual violence.
President of Women, Children and Social Welfare committee of parliament Ranju Jha said violence between intimate friends and couples can be reduced only through effective implementation of laws and enhancing understanding level between couples.
Strategic Partnership Specialist of UN Women, Saru Joshi and Chief Commissioner of National Information Commission Krishna Hari Baskota hailed the program as convincing tool for reducing the domestic violence.