| May 19, 2019

Interesting apps for beyond 2015

Interesting apps for beyond 2015

KATHMANDU, Dec 17: Apple recently released its list of top 25 apps for this year which includes popular apps like Instagram and Periscope, which was named Apple's App of the Year. This annual list of top apps is varied in their services, from fitness to photography, to music and entertainment, and cooking and learning languages.

While many of the apps come at a cost, we picked a few that are free and really worth a try. So make room on your phone and get busy with these apps.


Having Lark on your phone is like talking to a friend about food and fitness. If you've been bored of your calorie tracking app and wondering what to do next, then you should definitely give Lark a try. Instead of just putting in the list of food you've consumed during the day, you can chat to your pocket nutritionist who will be quick with replies. The user-friendly app has a personal touch as it goes beyond measuring your calorie intake. It will motivate you to do better without berating you for falling off the fitness wagon.


Pacemaker is the app which will help music enthusiasts and those with a penchant for deejaying. You can import your music from iTunes and then play around with it to create something new. Reviews say that while it's not for the professionals, it's definitely a fun app for people who would love to try their hand at mixing and playing around with different tunes.


Timeline packages the latest news with dates and historical references. They have different categories like Technology, World, Entertainment, Business, Science, etc. If you want to know every important bit about the civil war raging in Syria, you will see that Timeline has the article with short sub-paragraphs and dates that will you give you a clear idea about what occurred. The app highlights many historical facts that get lost in lengthy articles or which is time consuming to find on the Internet.


Are you interested in learning new languages but don't have time to join a class? Worry not! Tandem is the app which will help you learn the language of your choice in a super fun way. Through this app, you can meet native speakers and message or audio and video chat with them to perfect your speaking skills. Whip out your phone whenever you have an hour or two to spare and see who is available to talk to you. There's no hassle of arranging a meeting, too. You can even take the services of professional teachers but that will cost you some money.