| July 23, 2019

Apple may launch iPhone 5SE on March 15

Apple may launch iPhone 5SE on March 15
Apple is planning to launch the iPhone 5SE, along with the iPad Air 3 and the new Watch models, on March 15, a report says. Earlier, there were rumors that the company would announce its new devices either in the late March or early April.

However, the report by 9to5mac , which cites Apple officials aware of the company's plan to host a media event on March 15, notes that the date is not yet final and may change. Usually, 9to5mac has been spot on with its Apple-related scoops so it is possible that we will see the iPhone 5SE and the updated iPad Air 3 next month.

The iPhone 5SE has been rumored for quite some time in the last few weeks. The phone is said to be a fresh Apple attempt to enter the smartphone market with relatively cheaper iPhone. It has rumored that the iPhone 5Se would cost around $450. It will most likely have a 4-inch screen and a full-aluminum body similar to that of the iPhone 5S.

However, internally there will be bigger changes. The phone will have a screen with curved glass, similar to the one in the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6S. It will also have the hardware that would be a mix of what Apple has given to the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6S. It will be most likely powered by Apple A8 processor, will have the same camera that is inside the iPhone 6 and feature fingerprint as well as 3D touch functionality.

The iPad Air 3, meanwhile, could look like a shrunken iPad Pro, complete with its stereo speakers. the devices will also probably feature ports to connect the portable keyboard cover similar to the one that can be used with the iPad Pro. It will also get updated hardware, possibly a variant of the A9 processor and 2GB RAM.