| June 24, 2019

Nepal’s only Traffic App: Quite commendable

Nepal’s only Traffic App: Quite commendable
KATHMANDU, May 19: More than 13,000 people have already installed the Traffic Police, Nepal app since it was launched on May 2 this year. The app has been met with different responses from the public, from users raving about its usefulness and giving it five stars to those who've only reviewed it with one star.

The Traffic app has packed in a lot of important information within its 12 functions. It is very easy to use and functions smoothly enough even though the user interface is not attractive.
With all the information in Nepali, it is easily accessible to many mobile phone users. Users are quite taken with its Live Traffic section where one can get information about the traffic flow and density in different areas. So if you're heading out to Balaju, you can take a look at the app to find out the state of the traffic in that area. There are three colors to help identify whether the traffic is heavy, medium or normal.

One happy app user, Rajan Adhikari writes that the app is 'very helpful and trustworthy.' He further adds, "Th e app provides us with very important information about the condition of the traffic which saves our precious time and fuel. Keep on improving, guys. You deserve a pat on your back."

There is also a section—Emergency—where you can get all the important contact numbers in one swipe. It's very convenient especially as there are phone numbers for the police, the ambulance services, blood banks, fire brigade, and hospitals in different locations. This function comes in handy to report accidents if users see one anywhere.

The app's functionalities don't stop there. It helps users find the nearest traffic stations, listen to Metro Traffic FM without the hassles of inserting earphones, latest traffic related news, find the exact amount of fine for different offences, and also provides information on different traffic signs as well as parking areas and lost motorcycles. For those interested in the history of police and traffic in Nepal, all the important information is available in neat timelines in the app.

However, the app is still very Kathmandu centric at the moment with its traffic updates, parking areas, and news very focused on the Capital. The app should be expansive and include traffic news and facts on different parts of the country, too. App user Ronit Bhandari also stresses on this need saying that the app must give information on the whole country.

Some other limiting aspects of the Traffic app are that it is only available for Android users at the moment and doesn't function offline. Autorotation is another glitch that needs to be fixed soon.

On a positive note, Sreesh Karmacharya, director of Capital Eye which developed the app, says work is being done to better the app. "We're currently working on updates," he said.