| June 27, 2019

Degree vs business

Anish Shrestha, Krishna Mani Baral, Mingma Diki Sherpa and Sajina Karki (from left to right) Anish Shrestha, Krishna Mani Baral, Mingma Diki Sherpa and Sajina Karki (from left to right)

KATHMANDU, May 26: How important is the right degree when it comes to running a business of your own? Is the right kind of education an absolute necessity to operating a successful company?

Four entrepreneurs share their views.

Sajina Karki, 29
Proprietor, Sattva the stylebook

Yes, having the right degree is definitely a plus point as you'll already have all the basic ideas for the business you are running or planning to run. However, not having the corresponding degree to your business doesn't really constrain you from exploring your interests. I also practice law and I'm a gender studies student, too, but I am happily coordinating both advocating and running my online store. It is precisely your interest and passion that drives you rather than a certificate that doesn't hold any of your determination and dedication.

Krishna Mani Baral, 26
Co-founder and Treasurer, Green Hill Agro Farm

Not having any background on agriculture or a relevant degree did make things difficult for us when we started our business three months ago. Even today we encounter problems which we can't solve immediately. Five of us started this business and we're all from different education and work backgrounds. I've completed my Master's in Sociology while my friends have degrees in subjects like Communication and International Relations. None of us really knew how to deal practically with issues in drip irrigation or tunnel farming. So we bring in experienced people to help us work out these issues. But well, we are all young and with our zeal for learning, we will find ways to solve all our problems.

Anish Shrestha, 28
Co-founder, YellowNepal, and Fawesome apps

I am a software engineer by profession, but I have never had to tell anyone about it or present my degree certificate to anyone ever since I became an entrepreneur. I would say that to be equipped with education is helpful but not mandatory if you want to become an entrepreneur. Also, the relevance of your academic qualification primarily depends on the role you have in your venture. If you're the developer and you've learnt coding out of passion, it isn't necessary that you have a degree in software engineering. It has more to do with ground level knowledge and passion. However, I don't have any regrets for spending four years of my life earning my degree. Because that was the time I spent honing my skills, networking, doing market research, and basically planning for my journey into entrepreneurship.

Mingma Diki Sherpa, 34
Founder, Paila

The right degree is simply a value addition, I believe. Starting one's business requires passion and there's many ways we can research and learn today without resorting to getting the proper degree. I have a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science. But my degree is certainly helpful to me when it comes to working on my company's website and also with designing the shoes for my business. I chose to study computers for a number of reasons. I'm one of the firsts in my family to get an education and a degree so I didn't really have proper guidance from my family. Also, when I was growing up, computer was a big thing. Everyone was talking about its 'career scope.' Fashion was always my passion but my parents saw nothing of value in this field, and with no one willing to pay for my fashion studies, I had to opt for computers.
Bipul Adhikari

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