| June 25, 2018

Wonder workouts

Wonder workouts

Ready or not we are taking away all your excuses to avoid exercise and a more physically fit lifestyle. Just in case you weren’t aware, these days all you need to have for a nice sweat session is an Internet connection and a little living room space (and maybe a few props here and there). And it’s all thanks to some seriously excellent, and most of the times totally free, YouTube videos. The Week rounds up some of the best trainers as well as channels that provide full-length workouts. Whether you are a guy or a girl, more into Zumba and Pilates or hardcore weightlifting, we have got you all covered in this list.


If Zuzana’s (one of their popular trainers) chiseled abs alone isn’t enough to inspire you, then we don’t know what will? You’ll love Bodyrock.TV for their creative moves, basic equipment, and short but very intense workouts. The cardio and (mostly) bodyweight circuit workouts are easily adapted to any skill level. You can easily get on their Bodyrock member list. It’s absolutely free and they share daily workouts with you, along with great content tailored for your personal needs. There is a reason 1.9 million people follow them on Facebook.

Frugal Fitness TV
Michael Schiemer specializes in giving you the best workout for your buck, or in this case, no money at all! Frugal Fitness TV offers a wide selection of at-home strength workouts that require minimal equipment. Since officially starting Frugal Fitness online in 2006 Schiemer has reached tens of millions of people all around the world. He has also helped countless individuals get healthier and stronger without exhausting their limited financial resources. So much so Frugal Fitness has become quite the brand.

Blogilates Pop Pilates
Love Pilates but hate paying for pricey workouts? Cassey Ho of Blogilates offers short, free Pilates videos that can either be done alone to target a specific area or strung together to make a full Pop Pilates workout. You’ll love her fun, professional manner. Blogilates is the number one female fitness channel on YouTube led by certified fitness instructor, entrepreneur, creator of POP Pilates and best-selling author Cassey Ho. Blogilates seems to be more than just workouts, it’s a community. The ‘POPsters’ as they call themselves thrive on supporting one another towards success. Apparently they believe in working out because “it makes you a better, stronger, more positive person.”

Jenny Ford Fitness
If you love group fitness classes like Zumba and step aerobics but can’t afford the gym fees, Jenny Ford posts free, full-length cardio videos filmed and delivered with a professional flare. As she puts it, “If you want to succeed, she is there for you.” Ford’s philosophy is that exercise isn’t optional. Particularly in today’s world, it has become a necessity. She wants everybody to take responsibility for themselves and take a healthy turn with a solid fitness regime. Ford isn’t the kind of trainer that screams at you. Her whole motive is to bring out the best in you.

Turbulence Training

Craig Ballantyne was one of the first fitness professionals to advocate high-intensity training for fat burning, so it’s not surprising that his Turbulence Training videos offer a variety of short interval workouts. Turbulence Training is your home for videos on metabolic resistance training, no-equipment bodyweight workouts that you can do anytime, anywhere, including our bodyweight cardio programs. Plus you’ll learn how to do interval training properly and learn how you can build muscle and burn fat in less time than you thought possible. You can string several workouts together or add one to your normal routine for an extra dose of fat burning.

Diet.com was named YouTube’s number one health and fitness channel for a reason. With thousands of videos covering everything from healthy eating to body image to free workouts, it’s easy to find something that piques your interest. The Diet Health YouTube channel provides you with free fitness and health videos every week to help you look and feel your best. Our videos feature certified personal trainers and health professionals, giving you cues on the proper form for all of your exercises, so you can workout safely and avoid injury. Just the kind of expertise you need to make lasting lifestyle changes.

Focus T25 by Shaun T
We can all agree on one thing, we’re busy. Everyone’s busy. Shaun T, the developer of the Insanity series Focus T25 comes to the world’s rescue. If you have ever wondered, are there any great exercise programs that you could do right after work in as little amount of time of possible? Simply toss his DVD set in. Many who have tried Shaun T’s regime say that they had never imagined that they could get so sweaty and tired in such a short amount of time. Brace yourself for nonstop movement for 25 minutes straight with the feeling of major accomplishment every single time.

Jillian Michael’s
30 Days Shred
‘30 Day Shred’ comprises three 20-minute circuit-training workouts designed to burn calories and build strong lean muscle. Jillian is also featured in YouTube’s Be Fit channel. As is with all her other DVDS she is well motivating and her regime does genuinely make you lose weight. Many specially love how she sets different levels depending on how advanced you are, not to mention on each level she shows a beginners version and a more advanced version which really helps, as she always modifies moves if they are difficult. Bonus: She is not only a fantastic trainer but also has a good sense of humor.