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  VOW declares Top 10 College Women  


KATHMANDU, April 19: The sixth VOW Top 10 Women Competition declared its final 10 winners at a ceremony held at the Hotel Radisson in Lazimpat on Sunday.

The competition was divided into four categories: 10+2 level, Bachelor´s level, Master´s level, and an outstanding achiever that saw tremendous number of applications from outside the valley, which was "an extra stride of achievement" for the organizers, the press statement said.
Apart from the outstanding achiever each category had three winners. The winners for the 10+2 level were Kanchan Amatya, Sadichha Shrestha and Swati Shrestha. Similary, for the category of students studying the Bachelor´s level, Aayusha Gautam, Antara Singh and Sonu Shrestha came victorious. In the Master´s level category, Kanika Agrawal, Sony KC and Sunita Nhemaphuki won the top three.

The outstanding student award went to Tika Ratna Malla of Chelsea International Academy.

All the winners took away with them Rs 10,000 each.

Kanchan Amatya, the winner of +2 category and student at St Mary´s College in Lalitpur, said such kind of appreciation was necessary as it worked as an inspiration to the winners as well as the viewers.

“Now that I have certain recognition, I will magnify my skills and work for the betterment of the society,” she told Republica.

Charu Chada Rijal, the corporate associate editor for VOW (Voice of Women) magazine said that event was dedicated to "young women, to the spirit of competition and adventure, and to being the best that one can be, that carries the power to create change".

The award, in its sixth consecutive year, was organized by Speciality Media, publication house for the business monthly BOSS and women´s monthly VOW.

Published on 2010-04-19 10:10:48
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VOW Declares Top 10 College Women
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i 100% agree with your opinion. these kind of events discourage the pupil who are academically weak but can achieve a lot in their life. i have seen many people who have reached the top but their academic background is not so good. [more]
  - mona
Frankly, I do not like the system of segregating the students in this manner - the toppers and the bottomers. I think it encourages the culture of securing higher marks rather than learning. From that perspective, I fully endorse the idea of not making public the SLC toppers. Recently, I had a chance of watching a Hindi movie "3 Idiots" - I guess the idea of learning as depicted in this movie will be endorsed by most. Life is fair and it will ultimately award the ones who are the achievers in li [more]
  - MS
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