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  'Buddha Boy' thrashes locals  


BARA, July 24: ´Buddha Boy´ Ram Bahadur Bamjan has allegedly thrashed locals of Manaharwa, Bara, at a jungle where he is meditating for trying to disrupt his penance.

He allegedly thrashed a group of 17 persons looking for wild fruits and vegetables with the handle of an axe after they reached the spot of penance breaching a security cordon.

"I took minor action against them after taking them under control when they came to disrupt my meditation. I let them go after they apologized," President of the Namo Buddha Tapowan Management Committee Ved Bahadur Thing quoted Bamjan as saying.

The locals were taken under control at around 2 pm on Thursday and released on Friday noon. The committee has installed a barbed wire fence around the place of penance.

Many have fallen ill due to the thrashing. One Prahlad Chaudhary sustained minor head injury. "He struck on our back and head with an axe handle. He didn´t relent even after we apologized," Dev Narayan Chaudhary, 45, of Manaharwa-6 told mediapersons Saturday morning.

Chaudhary said the group couldn´t retaliate against the man whom they have been worshiping till now. "There were 17 of us and we could have retaliated. But we couldn´t do anything other than join our hands in apology," he added.

Locals said Bamjan thrashed them inside a house near the area of penance. "He would thrash us and then go out for rest after getting tired," Rajesh Majhi complained.

The Bamjan associates even gave the locals paracetamol and amoxycillin tablets as precaution against fever and infection. Prahlad was even given a tetanus injection for his head injury and all the locals were given food in the evening.

The committee, however, claimed that the action was taken as the locals had made a well-planned attempt to disrupt the penance.

"He (Bamjan) had taken action against miscreants even in the past," Thing said and urged people not to disturb a man on a peaceful penance. "The locals deserved action as they reached the spot, where even we are forbidden, on bicycles and smoked cigarettes," he argued.

The thrashed locals have lodged a formal complaint with the police Saturday morning. "The villagers have demanded action against Bamjan. "We have initiated investigation," said in-charge at a local police post Bhishma Kumar Lamsal.

SP Manoj Neupane said a team led by inspector Rudra Kanta Jha has been sent to Manaharwa. "We will take further action after finding the facts," Neupane said.

Published on 2010-07-24 20:06:51
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'Buddha Boy' Thrashes Locals
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Its sad to notice, that the people who are so devotedly talking about supremacy of God and of law etc. etc. had failed to address the unruly and rowdy act of the bunch of so called vegetable gatherers & their undue visit to the spot of penance. How pity its, a harmless loner, mediator, who´s on his own course, living in a forest could not be spared harassment and engrossment.

When Jesus affirmed that he was the Messiah, the Jewish leaders turn him over to Pilate for execution [more]
  - Gamini Jaya
Couldn´t they just have run? I am sure the Buddha boy´s legs could not propel him so very fast after all that sitting around. Maybe they just caught him on a bad day when his meditation wasn´t going so well. But still, you´d think someone of such a reputation would be able to say "Excuse me dai haru, I´m trying to meditate over here - would you mind terribly collecting your non-timber forest products somewhere else please?" It was also fortunate that the axe handle [more]
  - koji
I´m sorry, who is he to consider himself ABOVE the law? Regardless of what the true happenings and facts may be, how dare he ask whether a meditating sage has to go to the court or not! Buddy, go to the court and prove you were acting in defense and that you consider yourself innocent, if that´s what it is. Evading the law and the court is one silly way to feign how you are better than anyone else in this country.

Sorry to break it to you, Buddha Boy, but [more]
  - confused
Everyone is jumping into conclusion very quickly. This type of half-baked news is not the way in a country like Nepal and India where a slightly distorted news of religious nature can incite violence and riots. Remember, even Jesus went "berserk" and "thrashed" a bunch of Jews priests and their associates at the Jewish temple. The pro-Gadhimai massacre zealots may be fanning this hatred against this boy. Let´s exercise caution! [more]
  - sameer
Anyone who believes a living person as a God is a fool. Don´t let the faith overpower the power of brain and reasoning. [more]
  - Binayak
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